Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

Having to use excessive make up to cover those stretch marks? Unsightly stretch marks in sun exposed areas? Come see us at My Skin Clinic where we can help you soften those marks and help you achieve your desired looks

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Also known as ‘Striae’, there are many causes for why we develop such marks on our body. There is no real cause as to why some people are more prone to developing stretch marks but we now have treatments available to regenerate the skin to improve the look and feel of your skin.

Here at My Skin Clinic, we believe that the skin should be blemish free and thus our fully trained medical doctors will be at hand to go through the scars with you and advise on best treatment options for these. Typically the treatment of choice here is Micro-needling with our Dermapen, but of course we can also try a combination of Mesotherapy, chemical peels and other treatments, but these depend on the type of scars and depth.

Book now for a free consultation with our highly trained medical doctors who will be able to best guide you on personalised treatment plan given the highly differentiated types of stretch mark scarring and to get the best results.

Treatment typically includes but is not limited to:

Dermal fillers
Chemical peels