Nefertiti Lines (Neck Lines)

Nefertiti Lines (Neck Lines)

Nefertiti lines making you look and feel older? Always noticed that although the face is maintained, the skin around your neck isnt? Well this is the solution for you!

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Here at my Skin Clinic we specialise in facial aesthetics. Some may even say this is where it all began for us! Our doctors are highly trained in the art of facial aesthetics and we pride ourselves on the perfectionism we portray on the most important part of the human anatomy, the face, when it comes to aesthetics.

But who said having the perfect face meant that we ignore the rest of the body? Many times we like to ensure the lines around our face are under control, but have we concentrated enough around the neck, the next place to look for when people see the ageing process? Treatment around the Nefertiti lines or neck lines are manageable and give the ultimate complete look when it comes to facial aesthetics. Whether it’s those hard to tackle creases or whether you want to just rid yourself of those small fine lines, or dramatically improve the drooping of the skin, we are able to provide this via the 'non-surgical' technique. This means that there is no longer the need to go under the knife to get the improvement in looks that you so desire.

Treatment typically includes but is not limited to:


Botulinum Toxin Injections
Dermal fillers
Chemical peels