Lip Lines and Smokers lines

Lip Lines and Smokers lines

Often results in bleeding lipstick for women and a wrinkly appearance for both men and women, these can be easily remedied in one visit!

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Lip lines and smokers lines around the lips can be of great concern. You may have guessed it in the name, smokers tend to suffer from these the most, but ofcourse so do the general population with varying degrees. These lines make your lips look dehydrated, age you greatly and ofcourse make you look tired and distraught. Here at My Skin Clinic we aim to alleviate these lines in one appointment! We love to provide holistic care and so we will assess these lines for you and depending on the best way forward, usually wither with Botulinum Toxin injections or Dermal fillers, rid those pesky lines and improve that look before you leave the appointment! Giving you back that smile and confidence to go forth and look beautiful.

Treatment typically includes but is not limited to:


Botulinum Toxin Injections
Dermal fillers