Facial Contouring

Facial Contouring

Some women have broader and wider facial features due to enlarged masseter muscles which masculinise the female face. We aim to reduce these back down to give that soft feminine look!

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Facial contouring is ideal for those of us who want to adjust the complex shapes and size of certain aspects of the face. Whether it be the bony areas that protrude, or extra muscle causing stronger indentations on the skin and facial expressions, here at My Skin Clinic we aim to try to reduce these prominences and provide you with the look that will leave you with a much more feminine and desirable look. The other way around, if there are areas lacking, for example cheek bone definition or jaw line adjustment, then we can also achieve these relatively smoothly within your initial consultation.

Treatment typically includes but is not limited to:

Botulinum Toxin Injections
Dermal fillers