Nose Deformity

Nose Deformity

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They say one of the defining features of your face is the nose. We all know how conscious we can get when we talk about our noses, and how we would like it to be, but have never wanted to go under the knife for this. But now we have an alternative, the non-surgical rhinoplasty AKA the ‘quick nose job’.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a safe way to have your nose looking its best. Whether its for reshaping after injury, or if you have never really liked the shape in the first place, here at My skin clinic we can help you fix this problem. Given its non-invasive nature and the alternative being traditional surgery, we can cut the costs but at the same time reduce the hassle and downtime of conventional surgery.

Here at My Skin clinic you will be seen by our fully trained medical doctor who will discuss with you the possibility of improving and changing the way your nose looks. Be rest assured that when you leave, you will look and feel great and that old nose would be a distant memory of the past.  

Treatment options include:

Dermal Filler

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