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We would all love to maintain our youthful looks and having great cheeks is no exception.

Whether it’s because of the ageing process which causes the cheek region to become f
latter as a consequence of loss of facial volume, or just naturally the way they are, cheeks can make a huge difference to our overall facial appearance. That high prominent cheekbone that once was the highlight of your day can sometimes droop with time and as a result be a great cause for concern. Sometimes it may just be that you have always wanted much more fuller cheeks and you never knew it would be possible. These are the features that characterise our clients requirements to improve their overall facial beauty. Cheek augmentation therefore aims to either revitalise those sunken cheeks or to help change the contour of the face, dependant on your requirements.

Here at My Skin Clinic, we aim to help augment the cheeks to provide you with that amazing look you have always wanted. Our fully trained medial doctors will assess the area, what you feel you require and best advise you on how to get the look you have wanted for soo long. All treatments will help to revitalise that fresh young look from the past and help too with the signs of ageing.

Treatment options include:

Dermal Filler

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