Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes

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Many of us work hard, often too hard, and this can lead to us looking very tired all the time. The first place this shows, whether it be due to the natural aging process, or by lack of sleep and other environmental factors, is the eyes. Why does this happen? The skin here on the face is at its thinnest. Any loss in underlying protein and nutrition causes it to become relaxed and wrinkly, and often leads to wrinkles around the eyes but also the formation of the ‘tear trough’, the deep, dark, pitting around the eyes we see forming all too often.

Here at My Skin Clinic we can help in giving you that fresh, young look that you desire. Our highly trained medical doctors can use an array of techniques, ranging from tear trough filling to anti-wrinkle injections to help improve that tired look, and help you feel fresh and content with the way you look without the need for surgery.


Treatment options include:

Anti-wrinkle Injections
Dermal Fillers
Chemical Peels

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