Skin Tags and Lumps

Skin Tags and Lumps

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Skin tags and lumps are most commonly caused by overgrowth of many of the elements within the skin. They can be annoying depending on their locations, but above all, unsightly, especially when they are on exposed areas. Sometimes they can be under the skin which makes them even more difficult to manage.

Commonly, our clients come in requesting removal for many different reasons. For some its simply because they are in areas exposed on a daily basis such as arms or face, yet others want removal due to pain and discomfort. They can be found in any area of the body and can sometimes be multiple in nature. They really can make you feel that your skin is unwanted.

Here at My Skin Clinic, we aim to help diagnose and aid removal of such skin tags and lumps with great ease, using techniques which provide quick results and minimal pain. All our skin tags are removed by our highly trained medical doctors, and can guide you on your further treatment options. 

Treatment options include:


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