Sun Damage

Sun Damage

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We all love to go on that amazing beach holiday, with lots of sun and getting that great tan. However, all that exposure to UV rays, even with good SPF, can take its toll on your skin. UV exposure is one of the key components in ageing skin prematurely. As time goes on, you will find your skin loses its tensile strength and becomes loose. It can also give rise to Age spots and may even give uneven and dull skin tone. That’s not to mention the generation of moles and more dangerous skin lesions which can be detrimental to your health. That’s why we feel that you should be able to enjoy the sun, safely, and not have to put up with the after effects till later on in life.

Here at My Skin Clinic, we pride ourselves in giving you the time to speak to our highly trained doctors with ease and comfort. They will discuss with you the measures you can take to avoid sun damage, and also make a personalised plan with you to ensure that we can get the best out of your skin.


Treatment options include:

Chemical Peels
Skin Care Products

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