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There are many different reasons why we get spots. Some of us are more prone to them whilst others may never get them! Spots are even classified into different types to make it even more confusing and so treatment really has to be tailor made to suit each individual’s needs.

Sometimes we need simple measures to eradicate them, but others more extensive treatment to definitively remove them. They all occur due to a mixture of the ageing process of the skin, the content of sweat and oil released from your glands, and the general build-up of grime from day to day exposure to the environment.

But not to worry, whether it’s just that one annoying spot, or those pesky acne spreading spots, here at My Skin Clinic our fully trained doctors will be able to assess your spots and advise you on the best course of action.


The most common spots that our clients worry about are:

Acne Spots

Age Spots

Black Heads