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Migraines can be very debilitating. It is the most common cause of recurrent disabling headaches in our population. One which causes great anguish and concern as well as loss of time to do the things you like. Although underdiagnosed in the general population, there are no real reasons as to why one may be more prone to these types of headaches, but that they can be managed over time. There is also an association of migraines with muscular pain related to around the head and scalp and therefore when medical treatment is not fully helping in controlling the symptoms, we now turn to more specialist treatments for these to try to get the relief that you deserve.

Here at My Skin Clinic, we have medical doctors who can go through with you the desired treatment plan to try to alleviate this debilitating condition. With a combination of treatments, we can get on top of that headache and give you the pain free lifestyle which you have so long yearned for some time.

Treatment options include:

Botoxulinum Toxin

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