Neck Lines

Neck Lines

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We spend so much time and effort to keep our faces looking young and fresh. However, we then find that our necks tend to be letting us down. As with skin on the face, the neck too is not immune to the aging process, and factor in that the neck is exposed just as much as the face, and you realise how you really do need to look after this area. The neck tends to lose its elasticity and this leaves a sagging and wrinkly affect on the neck. These then can have the potential to become more prominent and thus leave the ‘neck ring’ effect – where deep circles rotate around your neck, which make it look like layers of skin. With evermore increasing creases appearing on a regular basis, we feel this also needs to be tackled in order to give you the ‘complete look’ that you deserve.

Here at My Skin Clinic, we feel we need to get to these lines sooner rather than later. With our medically trained doctors, they will discuss with you how to tackle these lines and improve the overall look of your appearance

Treatment options include:

Anti-wrinkle injections

Dermal Fillers
Chemical Peel

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