Hand Ageing

Hand Ageing

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We take very good care of our face and body, why should we not of our hands? We all love to go have a manicure, get our nails painted, but do we ever take good care of the skin around our hands? As you get older, the laxity in the skin around your hands begins to fade. You may find that they become rough, wrinkled and even pigmentation spots occur on the top part of your hands. This often leads to unsightly veins and prominent tendons being seen and can age the appearance of your hands by decades. You need to make sure your hands look as good as the rest of your body, and that is something we can help you with.

Here at My Skin Clinic, our medically trained doctors can help take away the years from your hands, even after just the first visit! They will go through with you the various options and come to a treatment plan that suits your needs. It’s astonishing the results that can be achieved in just one consultation.

Treatment options include:

Dermal Fillers

Chemical Peels

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