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Blackheads are spots caused when the underlying sweat glands become blocked and when they are then exposed to air on the surface, react to form dark spots. Although completely harmless, they do have a very distinct look, one which is very unattractive and can be a cause for distress. Although some people may be more prone to these than others, usually those with very ‘oily’ skin, they are relatively harmless and simple to eradicate. Good skin care is paramount to avoid these being a problem in the long term.  They are also associated with Acne.

Here at My Skin Clinic, you will be seen by one of our Doctors who will go through with you simple advice on how to prevent and best treat these. We will also aim to relieve the blocked glands and revitalise the skin at the same time, hopefully helping to halt their recurrence and get these annoying spots under control.


Treatment options include:

Medical Removal
Chemical Peels

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