Age Spots

Age Spots

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Have you noticed blemishes on your skin? Lots of little, round, brown spots? These are what we call ‘Age spots’, which are now becoming more and more evident at a younger age.


Given our increase in sun exposure and active lifestyles, these spots can be the first signs of ageing skin and quite often the most prominent. Caused by increased pigmentation in the skin, they were once usually found only later on in life. However, given our ever diversifying trends and lifestyles, they are becoming ever more frequently seen in the younger population. Although harmless, they can be cosmetically concerning and may even be difficult at times to cover up, especially when located on the face and sun exposed areas. We all want that great tan, but once that clears we do not want to be left with these age spots.

Here at My Skin Clinic, our friendly Doctors will go through with you the best possible ways in improving these age spots. They will help discuss general lifestyle advice to help maintain healthy skin, but also medical as well as cosmetic treatments. We aim to help get you back to that youthful and glowing skin hidden underneath.   


Treatment options include:

Chemical Peels

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